Let the furry kids live the best of their lives through the best quality food.


Korea’s No.1 Organic Pet Food, Natural Core, is delicately formulated with real fresh meats and organic ingredients to provide the cleanest and most nutritious pet diet for your furry kid!

All Natural Core products and their ingredients have been globally accredited by strict US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and ECOCERT (International Organic Certification Organization from France) inspections to ensure that our products and the production process do not include or involve any agricultural chemicals, synthetic chemical compounds, growth hormones, GMOs and residual antibiotics.



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C O U N T D O W N D A Y 6. thank you @naturalcoresg for sponsoring all these for my furfriends. NATURAL CORE is Koreas No.1 Organic Pet Food, delicately formulated with real fresh meats and organic ingredients my mummy is a korean drama and food fan of c
#pickajackolantern Repost from @naturalcoresg @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost It's Halloween month! Can you smell which pumpkin is hiding our organic pet food Let's celebrate this Halloween with Natural Core Organic kibbles by doing the following steps: ST
We deserve the best, dont we Thank you @naturalcoresg for choosing me as one of the lucky winners! Natural Core is Koreas No. 1 Organic Pet Food which is ! Get your samples from @naturalcoresg if you have yet to try #iampoodlezero #toypoodle #mini
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Thank you @petsmagazinesg for selecting us as one of the winners. We really love @naturalcoresg kibbles and it's good for our overall health ! Bakhu's tear stain has improved ever since he started #naturalcore kibbles 1mth ago! We will continue with this
Thank you @naturalcoresg for the awesome prize! Multi-Protein Organic Multi-Protein Rich sources of high quality proteins Organic Deboned Chicken Meat Deboned Salmon Deboned Duck Meat 95% of its ingredients are organic (Plus 5% of Vitamins & Minerals) Hi
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Mommy says my food must be Organic and approved by USDA, free from antibiotics, pesticides, artificial colourings, preservatives and GMOs. Am I a good boy I'm helping her to vet through the details Zoom in and swipe for details. #naturalcoresg #organi
Thank you @naturalcoresg for sending these goodies to me! Salmon is for cheat days and Vegetarian for detox days. Yummy yummy! I can't decide which to upload.. Let me know which you think is cutest #naturalcoresg #organicpetfood #petfood #dogfood #or
thank you @naturalcoresg for the samples! I love it #naturalcoresg

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